Play with slime


By Stefanie Camoni Slime is increasing in popularity as the do-it-yourself trend. Kiddos love getting messy and feeling the texture between their fingers. Here is a child-safe recipe to use as a small group or
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Happy family with two children   in meadow reading book together.

LOLable Picture Books

Missy Littell, Customer Experience Manager, Cuyahoga Falls, OH, Library (formerly a children’s librarian for 12 years) I will never forget the first time I read Eric Veillé’s My Pictures After the Storm to my children.
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Math classes in kindergarten

Preschool Math

Angel Avery-Wright Math in a preschool classroom can be found everywhere, from a math interest center to other play areas. Materials for supporting math can include games, dramatic play props, blocks, musical materials, and more.
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