LOLable Picture Books

Happy family with two children   in meadow reading book together.

Missy Littell, Customer Experience Manager, Cuyahoga Falls, OH, Library (formerly a children’s librarian for 12 years)

I will never forget the first time I read Eric Veillé’s My Pictures After the Storm to my children. Those laugh-out-loud moments, especially when shared with children, can be tough to beat. Just as play is recognized to be an important part of children’s learning experiences, so laughter and humor are an important part of a child’s reading and social experiences. “Laughter is an adaptive behavior that allows humans to counteract stress, become more tolerant and sympathetic of others, and live a more enjoyable life.” (Serafini & Coles, 2015.)

Also, it’s just plain fun to have a reason to laugh together!

Below are a few of my tried and true favorite funny books, as well as favorites of friends, story time families and librarians across several states and library systems, categorized into my own just-for-fun groupings:

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