Keep Calm and Play On: The Toddler Way

Toddler girl playing with finger puppets

Natalie Grebe

If you have ever been in a toddler classroom, you can picture the scene. A room full of many toys and a lot of little people meandering around with those toys. It’s as if they’re in their own little world. A world full of pretending, imagining and play. The stuff in their eyes that makes life fun. To an outsider looking in it may look like a disaster, but through the eyes of a toddler, it is their entire world. Keep calm and play on.

Let’s face it. Toddlers are really good at playing with and getting into things. They play like it’s their job. In fact, playing IS their job. A job that requires many opportunities to master it. For these children, playing helps them learn about their environment. Ultimately, it is the foundation that sets the stage for their ongoing development. 

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Happy family with two children   in meadow reading book together.

LOLable Picture Books

Missy Littell, Customer Experience Manager, Cuyahoga Falls, OH, Library (formerly a children’s librarian for 12 years) I will never forget the first time I read Eric Veillé’s My Pictures After the Storm to my children.
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