Conducting a Self-Assessment: Tips for gathering Data Informally


By: Jill Bella

When we are not feeling well, we usually assess the situation informally. We identify our symptoms (e.g., sore throat, stuffy nose, head ache, achy stomach), reflect back on when we started to feel bad in order to predict possible causes (e.g., close proximity to sick co-worker, forgot to wash hands, allergies, ate bad food), we estimate how long we have been ailing (e.g., one day, one week), and decide what steps to take to treat the issue (e.g., rest, medicine, cold pack). In some cases, our analysis and solution are spot on and we are able to remedy the situation. The informal assessment saves us time and money.  Read more

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Sidewalk Chalk Fun

By Amy Hoffman   There are days in my life as a program quality assessor when I have the joy of seeing children take the lead in an activity. It’s especially fun to watch the teachers
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